Top 5 most popular destinations in Sozopol in summer

Summer is the holiday season and Sozopol invariably attracts many visitors with its wonderful atmosphere and variety of entertainment. For tourists arriving in the city, the choice of transport is key to the comfort and convenience of their holiday. In this article, we will look at the top 5 destinations in Sozopol that are most popular among visitors in the summer.

  1. The Old Town and the Archaeological Museum The Old Town of Sozopol is like a journey back in time, with cobbled streets, beautiful houses and ancient walls. Here, visitors can enjoy the city's rich history by looking at the archaeological finds in the local museum. This area is one of the most frequent destinations for tourists who want to experience the atmosphere of ancient Sozopol.
  2. Kavaci Beach After enjoying the cultural richness of the city, many head to the wonderful Kavaci Beach. This beach is known for its clean sand and crystal clear waters. Visitors often prefer taxis to reach this corner of the paradise coast where they can relax and recharge with energy from the sun.
  3. Port of Sozopol For lovers of sea walks and yachting adventures, the port of Sozopol is a must-visit place. Here, tourists can enjoy beautiful sea views and indulge in sea adventures such as short cruises or fishing trips.
  4. Harmani Beach One of the most popular beaches near Sozopol, Harmani offers a clean sandy beach and numerous cozy beach bars and restaurants. Visitors often use taxis to enjoy the convenience of access to this wonderful beach that is suitable for the whole family.
  5. Sozopol Fortress Situated on the high rocky peninsula, the Sozopol Fortress offers an exciting combination of beautiful views and rich history. It is a place that attracts many tourists who want to immerse themselves in the city's past. Many use taxis to reach this historical landmark and enjoy its grandeur.

These five destinations represent only a part of the wealth that Sozopol offers in summer. For travelers looking for convenience and comfort when visiting these sights, Sozopol taxis are an indispensable partner, providing quick and easy access to all areas of the city.